Septic Tank Repair

Septic Tank Repair for Cleveland, OH & Surrounding Areas

Our professional team can make repairs to your septic tank and system. They will determine the integrity of your pipes, pump and system and give you an entire breakdown of what they found. Our yearly maintenance will make sure to maintain your septic tank year-round. In the event of an emergency, you can count on us to be by with an immediate repair.
Flooded yards and weird smells coming from your property are indicators that a pipe may be clogged or broken. It is uncomfortable to have these odors wafting through your property and home, so we understand the urgency when it comes to repairing broken systems. We can re-fabricate leach fields, replace boxes and pumps, and much more.
Our expert team works efficiently to solve your problem and make your home and yard safe again. It is why home and business owners from Chardon to Cleveland trust Judd Septic Tank Cleaning. 

Complete List of Septic Tank Repairs

  • Pro-Pump Bacteria Treatments
  • Risers, Lids, and Distribution Boxes
  • Health Department System Inspection Preparation
  • Lift Station Pump Service
  • Leach Field Refabrication, Renovation, and Repairs
  • Box Replacements
  • Pump Replacements
  • Pre- and Post-Sale Inspections
  • And More
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Whether you’re encountering a major problem with your septic tank or just want to make sure everything is in excellent working order before you buy or sell a property, turn to Judd Septic Tank Cleaning. Our team is proud to serve residential and commercial properties in Cleveland, Concord Township, Chesterland, Chagrin Falls, Mentor Hill, Chardon, Auburn Township, South Russell, Moreland Hills, Kirtland and the surrounding areas. 

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