Septic Tips

Eleven Tips to Keep Your Septic System in Great Condition

1. We recommend that you have your system pumped every three years at minimum. We can provide a tank pumping schedule to keep you up to date.
2. Know where your system is located on your property and monitor the surface for any changes in appearance.
3. Do not install a garbage disposal. More solids tend to accumulate when a garbage disposal is installed and used, so you will need to have the tank pumped more often.
4. If you’re planting trees and shrubs, do it far away from the tank and drain field. Tree and shrub roots can damage the drain fields. The foliage will also block the sun, meaning that water will not evaporate as easily.
5. Do plant grassy vegetation over your drain field. This will help the soil to absorb water more efficiently.
6. Do not pour hazardous chemicals like paint, oil and gas, pesticides, etc. down the drain.
7. Use strong disinfectants and bleach sparingly.
8. Do not flush small objects like sanitary pads and tampons, cigarettes, etc. down the toilet.
9. Don’t do all of your laundry on one day. Do loads evenly throughout the week. Keeping the water flowing evenly is much better for your system.
10. Avoid putting excess water into your system. Make sure that runoff from your gutters does not go in, on, or near your septic system. Fix leaky showers and faucets as well as toilets that run continuously. Install low-flow, water-efficient showerheads and toilets as well.
11. Keep cars and other heavy equipment away from the tank and drain field. Parking these on top of your septic system for a long time can compact the soil, meaning it will not absorb water as easily.
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